How to do the Little Joe magic trick

Posted: November 16, 2010 in How to Do Magic, How to Do the Impossible, How to Have Fun

Magicians don’t give away their secrets, but if you watch me do this trick a few times, you’re bound to figure it out. If the view of the cards isn’t clear enough to completely get it, just let me know and I’ll post a do-over. It’s a pretty cool trick! I learned it from some kid who came to one of the Cape Cod parties my roomies and I had back in the summer of 88. I have a lot of memories of that summer, but none of them has stayed with me like Little Joe.

  1. Michael Romano says:


    • lauriemcmillan says:

      Do you really need me to spell it out? If you say yes, I’ll do another vlog post that breaks down the set-up…I mean, that tells you how to be magical–yes, magical, that’s it….

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