How to dance like the Breakfast Club

Posted: February 2, 2011 in How to Be Like a Movie Star, How to Dance, How to Have Fun, How to Move
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What can I say? I was a teenager in the 80’s, and The Breakfast Club is a classic. I can’t think of any dance moves that could serve us better as we move towards the close of the 10-day How to Dance Marathon.

(Sorry to all you who noticed I skipped a day. I wasn’t feeling well. Sh! don’t tell anyone else! and when you watch this post and #10, you’ll totally forgive me anyway.)

  1. Molly Ringwald says:

    You lying false advertising ***. That is not my dance, you middled aged ***. Eat my shorts.
    Can you hear this do you need me to turn this up??

    • judd nelson says:

      IS RIGHT babe. even though my eyebrows are disgustingly bushayy i still know how to shake it on down baybay.*** xoxoxo

  2. judd nelson says:

    ^that was brian johnson, totally not me dude. xoxox

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