How to plank responsibly

Posted: May 20, 2011 in How to Have Fun, How to Move, How to Take Care of Yourself
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This planking trend is relatively new to me, but I’m all about doing things just because everyone else is doing it. Okay, not really. But I am all about random stuff, and planking falls neatly into the random category. (Yes, I do know it’s oxymoron-ish to make a category of random stuff. But thank you for pointing it out.)

Anyhow, apparently someone in Australia died while planking, so the Prime Minister wanted to ban the activity altogether. But why throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater? Clearly, a lesson in planking responsibly is needed. If it saves just one life, it will have been worth it.

If somehow my video doesn’t make planking clear enough to you, or if you’re just taken with the idea of it and want to find out more, please check out the FB page on planking.

  1. Laurie McMillan says:

    Thanking for posting the proper planking methodology. Most Canadians have been planking freestyle, resulting in injuries and embarrassment. These tips will greatly assist us in conforming to North American standards and help prepare us for upcoming international competitions.
    One area of planking that does not seem to get addressed, is planking etiquette. Do have advice for us around things like planking with kilts on, group planking in close quarters where variations in office chair heights can be coordinated for that layered look and thoughts on planking locations ( ie: when is planking in elevators ok and how do Christians approach planking rabbis at a bar mitzvah ). Any ideas to help our planking ‘evolve’ in the north, would be greatly appreciated.

    • lauriemcmillan says:

      I appreciate your thoughtful questions on planking etiquette. Although I’m new to the sport, I’ll do my best to answer, and other plankers out there can feel free to correct me.

      1) Planking with Kilts: important for those of us with a Scotch heritage, LcMc. The key here is working with the context. The upper body should not be positioned below the lower body to avoid inappropriate gravitational pull. If outside, the lower body should be positioned downwind (yes, I know upwind might be more fun, but we’re talking etiquette here). Finally, the photographer should have a horizontal view of the planker rather than being positioned at the feet.

      2) Group planking in close quarters where variations in office chair heights can be coordinated for that layered look: all participants should wear deodorant and have clean feet.

      3) Planking in elevators: this is always ok, and it’s an especially good idea when arriving for an interview so that potential employers immediately see that you’re a talented individual who dares to take risks and stay on the cutting edge.

      4) how do Christians approach planking rabbis at a bar mitzvah? a greeting of “Shalom” is most appropriate. It may be followed by a compliment that fits the situation, such as, “Excellent planking, Rabbi.” References to our lord and savior Jesus Christ are best left out of the conversation.

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