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If you enjoy snack cakes but you don’t enjoy gnawing away at the plastic wrapper in order to enjoy the icing, this video is for you. The god of TastyKakes (aka Kathy R, teacher extraordinaire) showed me how I could prevent the icing from sticking to the wrapper, and I believe it’s my responsibility to share the divine wisdom I have received. Go forth and eat well.


If you’d like to make your arms or stomach look more lean in pics, look no further. Two quick tips are provided that anyone can do. Well, actually, the stomach advice may work only in a limited number of situations, but if it seems inconvenient, just ask the photographer to keep the camera above the abdominal area. Or do more crunches. Or forget about looking thinner because physical diversity is where it’s at, man.

Former English majors taught me this trick, which just shows that teachers do indeed learn from their students. And it’s great! It has all the coolness of an inchworm without any of the sliminess.

Still, please don’t overdo it with this good time. Straws and their wrappers really aren’t a necessity.

Here’s an easy magic trick that you can use to impress people at dinner parties or at Chuck E. Cheese–really, anyplace where you can find pepper, a glass of water, and a bathroom.

The face is not simply a face–it is a canvas, a place for self-expression, an opportunity to decorate. It can also be a storage space if you don’t have convenient pockets. So if you do not yet know how to stick random objects on your face, it’s about time you found out.

I collected lots of fun science tricks when I taught elementary school science a bzillion years ago, and here’s one of them. Try it yourself! Amaze your friends! It’s so cool how the world often works against all our expectations.

In response to requests, I’ve decided to break the magician’s code and share the secrets of Little Joe. This vlog post is a follow-up to the earlier Little Joe post, so you might be confused if you missed the first installment. But it hasn’t gone anywhere, so go check it out, and I’ll meet you right back here!