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Every family has holiday traditions, and here’s one my kids and I share. It’s definitely a classic, sure to enrich your lives for many years to come. It may even be passed down from generation to generation.


The face is not simply a face–it is a canvas, a place for self-expression, an opportunity to decorate. It can also be a storage space if you don’t have convenient pockets. So if you do not yet know how to stick random objects on your face, it’s about time you found out.

I collected lots of fun science tricks when I taught elementary school science a bzillion years ago, and here’s one of them. Try it yourself! Amaze your friends! It’s so cool how the world often works against all our expectations.

Magicians don’t give away their secrets, but if you watch me do this trick a few times, you’re bound to figure it out. If the view of the cards isn’t clear enough to completely get it, just let me know and I’ll post a do-over. It’s a pretty cool trick! I learned it from some kid who came to one of the Cape Cod parties my roomies and I had back in the summer of 88. I have a lot of memories of that summer, but none of them has stayed with me like Little Joe.

Credit goes to David Sitzman for teaching me this trick in downtown Waltham my first year at Brandeis. Since then, my siblings have perfected it (I’ll film them showing off on my next New England visit). And now the whole world can take to the sky!  (PS Callie is one awesome cinematographer, isn’t she?)

It’s not easy. And even those who try the tip do not always succeed. But I’m sharing this secret that one of my brothers, Steve Mac, developed, after he spent years and years contemplating linguistic limitations. He refused to surrender hope despite naysayers that told him it was no use. Today, at last, Steve Mac’s dream has been realized–he has made the impossible possible. I share his secret with you.