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If you enjoy snack cakes but you don’t enjoy gnawing away at the plastic wrapper in order to enjoy the icing, this video is for you. The god of TastyKakes (aka Kathy R, teacher extraordinaire) showed me how I could prevent the icing from sticking to the wrapper, and I believe it’s my responsibility to share the divine wisdom I have received. Go forth and eat well.


If you hesitate before initiating a toast because you don’t know what to say or you’re worried you’ll end up slamming your drink into another person’s beer and having unfortunate spillage issues, well, here is the advice you’ve been waiting for. Make any social outing just a touch more special by following a couple simple guidelines that will help you give a swell bar toast.

All of my vlog videos are on YouTube so that I can post them here for free, and it turns out that a lot of YouTube viewers are crazy about blowing bubbles. It may even be a sick fetish in the case of one or two viewers, but I’m going to pretend that’s not the case–it’s just a bit too weird-icky to think about. Anyhow, after receiving several requests for more bubble-blowing videos and becoming slightly addicted to bubble gum since my first bubble-blowing how-to clip, I bring to you a small bubble-blowing trick. So get out your Hubba-Bubba and have some double-bubble blowing fun!

No more losing track of your beer. And more opportunity to play tricks on your friends or improve your social life. Don’t be shy–pick up a sharp object and Make Your Mark.

My brother Stephen offers a super-useful lesson for those who like to drink but occasionally don’t have a bottle opener handy. Actually, I may never use a bottle opener again–this technique is so much cooler.

You’ve done it, I’ve done it, we’ve all done it: we’ve squirted juice at ourselves or someone else when trying to drink from a juice box. But no more! Follow this handy tip that I learned in Pittsburgh–either from my cousin Sharon or my friend Donna Stewart, who are both innovative moms.

I ate Capri pizza regularly during my years at Reading High, but it was only on my recent trip to Massachusetts that I heard about the special Capri pizza-eating technique. Even if you can’t  visit Capri, this is an approach that may be worth trying at a pizzeria near you. Mmmm.