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If you’re looking for a hairstyle that looks lovely and is simple to do, check this out. It’s especially useful if you have bangs that you constantly have to brush out of your eyes. (Note: If you have little or no hair, you can skip this one. Unless you enjoy doing other people’s hair. In that case, watch away!)

Oh, and the title? It’s named after Elysabethe, one of the students who was on the study abroad trip to Ireland I co-led recently. I don’t know 100% if Elysabethe invented this ‘do, but I think she did. And the Elysabethe Twist is a great name for either a hairdo, a dance, or a mixed drink. I think we’ll stick with the hairdo for now.


Here’s a tip my hairdresser (Laura at Pizazz Salon) taught me, and it seems worth sharing with the world. If you want to be a swimming fool but are avoiding the pool with the fear of green hair, this video is for you.

PS It’s not Laura’s fault that my hair looks lame at the start of this video. The kids and I were playing soccer, so I was victimized by major sweat and humidity, and I think I had been all about the ponytail right before filming. But I try to avoid too much vanity in my vlog posts or I’d never actually post anything. I’m sure you don’t usually notice. Ha!

If you’d like to make your arms or stomach look more lean in pics, look no further. Two quick tips are provided that anyone can do. Well, actually, the stomach advice may work only in a limited number of situations, but if it seems inconvenient, just ask the photographer to keep the camera above the abdominal area. Or do more crunches. Or forget about looking thinner because physical diversity is where it’s at, man.