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Lisa P. makes people smile on an everyday basis in all kinds of ways, but here she took initiative to offer one of the fail-proof means that others can easily adopt. If you want to be in a cranky mood, I do not recommend viewing this one. But if you want to turn that frown upside-down, this one’s for you.


Girls on the Run is a cool organization for pre-teen girls, and my niece Madi shows how to do some of the awesome cheers. “Boom. Boom. Girl Power!”

So, yeah, I know I’m not a ten-year-old or anything, but, really, you’re never too old to whip your hair back and forth. So here’s how!

Good grief! It’s time to get animated for the  grand finale of the How To Dance Ten-Day Marathon! And what better way to end than with the Peanuts?

What can I say? I was a teenager in the 80’s, and The Breakfast Club is a classic. I can’t think of any dance moves that could serve us better as we move towards the close of the 10-day How to Dance Marathon.

(Sorry to all you who noticed I skipped a day. I wasn’t feeling well. Sh! don’t tell anyone else! and when you watch this post and #10, you’ll totally forgive me anyway.)

And yet another watery dance! The Swim! Why? because life is a beach, of course. And there’s no threat of drowning or getting eaten by a shark with this swim lesson. You don’t even need goggles or flippers. So go ahead and get started!

Cast your fishing line across the floor and reel in your dance partner! Or, if you’re Pisces like I used to be before galaxy alignments shifted and my entire identity was shattered and pasted back together with craft glue, learn how to dance your little fins right over to the fisher(wo)man.

Whatever you do, please avoid using actual hooks when completing these dance moves.