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All of my vlog videos are on YouTube so that I can post them here for free, and it turns out that a lot of YouTube viewers are crazy about blowing bubbles. It may even be a sick fetish in the case of one or two viewers, but I’m going to pretend that’s not the case–it’s just a bit too weird-icky to think about. Anyhow, after receiving several requests for more bubble-blowing videos and becoming slightly addicted to bubble gum since my first bubble-blowing how-to clip, I bring to you a small bubble-blowing trick. So get out your Hubba-Bubba and have some double-bubble blowing fun!


Chewing gum is fun. Blowing bubbles is even funner. (Yeah, I know I’m supposed to say “more fun.” Whatever.)

In the future, I may try walking and blowing bubbles. That would be wild. And I may need to figure out how to remove gum from my face. I see more exciting posts coming up!