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Conversing across cultures is increasingly important in a globalized world, and this short guide to speaking whale is but a small step in efforts to communicate in ways that both acknowledge and appreciate differences. Yes, Dory would be proud.


Every family has holiday traditions, and here’s one my kids and I share. It’s definitely a classic, sure to enrich your lives for many years to come. It may even be passed down from generation to generation.

Lisa P. makes people smile on an everyday basis in all kinds of ways, but here she took initiative to offer one of the fail-proof means that others can easily adopt. If you want to be in a cranky mood, I do not recommend viewing this one. But if you want to turn that frown upside-down, this one’s for you.

Check out these two quick and easy ways to prepare an impromptu puppet show! Take out a pen and let the entertainment begin.

I first saw this trick on TV when I was a kid, perhaps on a beach movie starring Annette Funicello? Clearly, it’s a good thing to do with your face, or it wouldn’t have stuck with me all these years. And you should just go ahead and get out your video camera, too, because it’s so worth filming. I’m thinking someone could make a good Super Bowl commercial out of it. Maybe next year….

This post was suggested by one of my subscribers, Karen, whom I don’t know in real life. She’s a fan of goofiness, though, so we’re clearly kindred spirits. Hope you enjoy, Karen!

My sister Diane taught me how to make this interesting face. She’s pretty good at it. Some people believe funny faces are a matter of genetics, but the truth is, with practice, anyone can achieve a basic competency.