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Former English majors taught me this trick, which just shows that teachers do indeed learn from their students. And it’s great! It has all the coolness of an inchworm without any of the sliminess.

Still, please don’t overdo it with this good time. Straws and their wrappers really aren’t a necessity.


Here’s an easy magic trick that you can use to impress people at dinner parties or at Chuck E. Cheese–really, anyplace where you can find pepper, a glass of water, and a bathroom.

I first saw this trick on TV when I was a kid, perhaps on a beach movie starring Annette Funicello? Clearly, it’s a good thing to do with your face, or it wouldn’t have stuck with me all these years. And you should just go ahead and get out your video camera, too, because it’s so worth filming. I’m thinking someone could make a good Super Bowl commercial out of it. Maybe next year….

I collected lots of fun science tricks when I taught elementary school science a bzillion years ago, and here’s one of them. Try it yourself! Amaze your friends! It’s so cool how the world often works against all our expectations.